Friday, April 14, 2017

Washington DC: Cherry Blossom Season!

I am over with the hard winter season the last couple months. Now - for the next 6 months I'm staying here in the United States -, I can enjoy the warm seasons. :) I decided to make a weekend trip in Washington D.C. (the capital of the US). The travel bus, that I took from New York to get there, made a sightseeing tour out of the whole day...

Thank God, that weekend was sunny! Not only in DC, but also in New York. It was surprising because it rained for the last couple weeks. Lucky me! In Spring, the cherry blossoms start to bloom. I am glad that I had the chance to experience the cherry blossom season (at the Tidal Basin) that is famous in DC. *-* You need to know, I LOVE cherry blossoms! 

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. I had the choice of two pictures at this memorial. On the other picture, there was no person in the background. However, I like that shot of me better, but there is a person standing behind me. T_T

Lincoln Memorial
I needed to walk up a long stairway to get to the Lincoln Memorial. It was crazy, crazy! A real workout, buddies! I started to pant like a dog. It was noticeable that I found walking upstairs was very unpleasant. Yep, I'm a very expressive person. :P

Washington Monument
Opposite the Lincoln Memorial, you could see the Washington Monument. If I've had a lot of time, I would've spent my time right there! Eating food, watching people & smile at them. These are things of various things I live for. :)

The White House
a.k.a. Donald Trump's home. Is this side of the White House familiar to you? It's seen in the 20-dollar-banknote.

The U.S. Capitol
...where the laws are made.

I had a blast in DC. I stayed in the Hilton hotel (Arlington, Virginia) which is 20 minutes away from DC. I met a German girl and we spoke German for a bit. It was... strange to speak German again. German is my dominant language. I speak German fluently, with a slight Vietnamese accent - although I only speak Vietnamese with Vietnamese people from the older generation (like my parents) or people from Vietnam. Well, now that I spoke German in person after a long time again, I noticed that I've got a stronger accent when speaking German. I don't know what accent it is, but I barely speak Vietnamese and barely improve my French skills currently. I don't believe that I have an American accent at all, even if I speak English consistently. Maybe it's all mixed up, that's why I have my own Loanica-accent. *grin*

The next post is gonna be about my trip to Montreal, Canada.


  1. Hi
    Great pictures! I was thinking about going to DC too. What kind of bus from NYC did you take?

    1. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend to go there. Hopefully, it will be a great weather when you arrive there! I went with an au pair-related college class. The program includes sightseeing tours in the bus that rode us to DC. If you are an au pair and don't want to take any weekend classes, you can still book the trip only. This is what I did.

      Hope I could help!