Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Montréal, Canada: How the romantic trip was almost cancelled...!

The drama...
The trip to Montréal, Canada was planned two weeks before it. It would be my first time in Canada. My love and I decided to take the train there. On the day of our trip, we went into the train to buy our tickets. It hadn't been possible for us to book our train ride online, but we knew that you could buy your ticket onboard. Suddenly, we were told that there were no seats available anymore and that you should actually reserve seats by the phone beforehand............ Oh crap. My love called the train service right away to book our seats to try our luck, while the train was keep riding.

How I felt? Normally, you would feel nervous and anxious that the trip would be cancelled, but for some reason, my mind refused to think negatively in that moment. I was full of hope. Strangely, I was even certain the trip will happen... I seriously didn't even think about what would happen if it didn't work. All I knew was that the trip is gonna go on. I am so thankful that my love was doing all that booking on the phone. He sounded very calm and didn't panic. At least he didn't sound like that. Really admirable! Hats off! And hands down - if I had done it, I would've stuttered around and asked the person at the other end of the phone the whole time to repeat because of the noise of the moving train. ^^'

The booking was successful. We got to know that there were only 2 seats left and we were the ones that received those seats. How crazy is that???!!! Thank God. Definitely not something to take for granted. It was a miracle.
Poutine - a popular specialty in Canada.

It was a 10-hours- train ride to get from New York to Montreal. During the ride, you could see a lot of nature. The last time I saw livestock (horses, cows, etc.) was in Germany six months ago. It was nice to see the countryside again. For my love, the countryside was something very phenomenal. Imagine you live in New York (City) where it is urban. To get to the next countryside would probably take hours. In Germany, I lived in the city and had the luck that the countryside was twenty minutes away by bus.
I enjoyed watching my love looking out the window and describing the details of the countryside.  So poetic and lovely! Actually, the countryside was something usual for me when I was in Germany, but seeing him being so fascinated by the countryside made me appreciate what I have in Germany.
The next day, we left our hostel and I didn't know where we were heading. My love had been to Montreal before, so he wanted to surprise me. It turned out to be the famous Notre-Dame de Montréal (a basilica). We wanted to go in to see the architecture. Then a woman standing before the church said to us that it was church service time. I thought to myself it was Church Sunday anyway and it would be interesting to attend a mass in French, so why not?
Architecture on point, bruh!
At a Café-Boutique named "Eva B". Definitely one of my favorites in Montréal. We played chess there. :D 

Facts for Newbies & my discoveries
  • The Canadian currency is the Canadian Dollar. You can also pay with USD (= United States Dollar) in most places.
  • I perceived the Canadians as polite.
  • In Québec, you speak French.
  • The cars don't have a license plate number in the front! o.o
  • The siren isn't noisy and annoying (unlike in the States or in Germany -.-), even calm. :D
We headed to Mont-Royal, the famous small mountain in Montréal! It was exhausting to walk all the way up to have a splendid view of the city of Montréal, especially because it was a hot day.

Reached the top, I'm all the way up!
We kept walking to the top of the mountain and reached the Mont-Royal-cross monument made of steel.

At the campus of the McGill university. There was a natural history museum there ("Redpath Museum"). 

We stayed in Canada for three days. On the day we left, it was rainy. Phew, countless blessings we had during our Easter vacation. Now back to my au pair duties. I have interesting posts coming. Are you excited for them? The warm seasons are just around the corner, so I will have more things to do & I can't wait to share them to you. :) Cheerio~

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