Thursday, April 27, 2017

Homesickness: Do I miss my home country?

I remember these words my brousin (= brother + cousin) told me before I went to the USA: "I bet you will cry your eyes out after a week being in the States due to homesickness." Oh boy, we should've bet for money, for real. It's been 8 months already since I left my homeland Germany to reside in New York, USA.

My moments of nostalgia
  • One day, I was walking around in NYC. Among all the people speaking in English, I suddenly heard two men speaking in a language which sounded familiar to German. I listened closely and felt... nostalgic. The pedestrians' traffic lights turned red. I stood behind the two German men and wanted to speak to them. Then, the older of them turned his head to me and smiled at me, as if he heard in his mind that someone behind them wanted to approach them. His friendly smile encouraged me to do so. "Which part of Germany are you from?", I asked the men in English. "Hamburg", they said. They were quite surprised that I knew that they were Germans. I told them that I was born in Germany. That was all. I did not say that I was able to speak German, so they did not focus on that. We were speaking in English. They asked me where to get Broadway tickets cheaply as though I had been spending my whole life in New York. I felt kinda joyful to be regarded as an American.
  • Another day, I went to an Anglistic Church in my town for the first time out of curiosity. I went to that church's office and met Carol, a secretary of that church. Carol offered me to take a seat on a nice armchair. We had a nice conversation. I told her that I came to Germany in September. She looked all astonished and said: "The secretary in the other room is also from Germany!!!" Do you mean her ethnicity or that she is really from Germany?, I thought. Carol called the German secretary's name. Then, a woman entered the room and stood at the door, greeting us. "This is Loanica", Carol introduced me, "she is from the West of Germany and came here a few months ago." The German secretary looked at me with big eyes. "Sie können Deutsch sprechen? (You can speak German?)" She asked me excitedly and almost in tears. I felt her being nostalgic at that moment. I also felt the same. She explained that she had not spoken German for a long time because she did not know anyone in the little town who could speak German. She was glad to meet someone who finally spoke German.

Am I homesick or nah?
What I want to say with the two stories above is that I only have my little nostalgic moments when I hear someone speaking German somewhere. But fact is: you cannot really consider that as homesickness. 
I miss my family & friends in Germany. I miss the celebrations and events there that I cannot attend. However, these don't stop me from being here. I don't think about turning back home only to miss a great time of my life here in the States. There is so much more to learn & to explore. Even though there are downs (not because of homesickness), I know they're temporary because I have 5 months left until I get back home to Germany. I have much positive energy for the present and the exciting things coming up for me!

My hostkid took these pictures. She's got the skills!


  1. Anonymous22 May, 2017

    Wow,loan! Dein Englisch ist wirklich super.Freue mich sehr, dass dir dein Auslandsjahr soviele neue Erfahrungen bringt. Für mich ist Zuhause dort, wo die familie ist. Und wenn du wieder in Deutschland bist,wirst du dich primär merkwürdig fühlen.:D bis dahin noch viel Spaß und genieße das!
    Liebe grüße, yasemin

    1. Liebe Yasemin (sind wir uns mal begegnet? :-) ),
      ich habe mich wirklich auf deinen Kommentar gefreut! Lieben Dank dafür! Ich bin froh zu lesen, dass ich besser Englisch spreche. :-D Die neuen Erfahrungen lassen mich auch als Person wachsen. Hast du jemals ein Auslandsjahr gemacht oder bist du schon mal irgendwo für eine lange Zeit gereist? Du kannst es sicherlich dann verstehen. ^^ Ich weiß auch, dass ich mich definitiv für die ersten Tage in Deutschland erwas traurig fühlen werde. Danke sehr, du bist ein Schatz!