Sunday, March 5, 2017

I Won a Lottery Ticket For a Broadway Show!!!

I had such an artistic weekend! The Spring is coming closer and it is still windy and cold, but the sun appears more. On Friday, I was invited to go to the Metropolitan Opera (Lincoln Center). I watched an Italian play called "La Traviata". It was touching & compelling!

One day, I wish to go to an opera dressed up to the nines. :o)

After the opera play, I spent the night in Lower Manhattan. When I woke up, I left the apartment and walked to the 9/11 Memorial which was pretty close to the apartment. There were two of those pools (where the Twin Towers used to be). Such a breathtaking view!

The Battery Park was in the near of the Memorial.
Broadway Lottery
I joined the Broadway lottery. For each Broadway play, there are two tickets available. If you have the luck, you get a grand discount for watching a Broadway show. I joined for "Hamilton", "The Lion King" and a play, that I didn't know, called "Cats". I didn't win the first two ones, but I won a lottery ticket for "Cats". I didn't know what would expect me in that play because I didn't know what it was about. I was still excited by the fact that I was the "chosen one". :D This "winning" feeling can be so addictive (gambling :S), but you gotta have yourself in control. xD I was so happy that I got a front row seat above, right in the middle! For a cheap price! What a wonderful prize!
After the Brodway show, I wanted to go to the "Ellen's Stardust Diner" - a restaurant where waiters/waitresses sing. I stood in the line and saw people calling out for boycotting "Ellen's Stardust Diner". It turned out that the waiter/waitresses themselves called out for the boycott - some of them fired by the owner, some still working there. It was funny to see how many of them went out from work and started to call out for boycotting. I wanted to support them by leaving that place. There is always a reason while people boycott, and their reasons were reasonable. If you want to know more about the boycott, see here.

I went to Starbucks instead, to charge my phone. :D I met the woman sitting beside me. When I left Starbucks to head to the Grand Central Terminal, I took a break sitting at the Time Square and made new friends also. They all started a small talk with me. Americans... good as small talk... as I expected! :)