Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ice, Ice, Baby! | Valentine's Edition

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!~
I am so impressed of how Valentine's Day is celebrated solemnly in the United States! Of course it varies, but I can speak from my experience in my area. You give cards and gifts to all your loved ones (love partner, family, friends, etc.) and I just can feel that love is in the air! It should be like that everyday, not just on Valentine's Day, right, guys?

As you could read in this post, I said that I'd take a break from the city because of the cold weather conditions. The 'Ice Festival at the Central Park', that I read about on Facebook, caught my attention. You would watch ice-carving artists transform ice blocks into sculptures. Afterwards, there would be a Silent Disco. This one awoke my interest the most:
❝ It's a dance party with headphones; you choose the music. Two live DJs take the stage at the same time. You choose the channel with your favorite music genre and dance the night away. The glowing, color-coded headsets show which music other partygoers are listening to, so you can dance along with your friends.❞ 
Isn't that amazing?! I went with my friends there. Soon as we arrived at the spot, we saw an extremely long queue and it wasn't an hour until the Silent Disco started. I would be willing to wait, but my accompany wasn't. That is why we watched the ice-carving artists making 'Alice in Wonderland' statues for a while . I saw Alice, the rabbit and the mad hatter. :)
 ...the park. (of course, it was crowded :D)

We started a snowball fight together. I was filming a snap (my Snapchat: @Loanica) of how I aimed a snowball at my friend. It hit her and I was laughing so hard. When I watched the snap, that I filmed, she took revenge and threw a snowball at me. It hit right in my face! It was by accident, but still effing hilarious!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jungle Feeling

I went to the Botanical Garden in the Bronx. Currently, there aren't any flowers outside because of the cold Winter weather. There is a winter garden however that is called 'World of Plants'. It felt like Spring/Summer!

So tropical! That is what I need in winter. :D

I really enjoyed this view! Definitely my favorite!

My favorite pic!

There was also a desert place. I am that kinda person who really likes to touch exhibits or new things (Museums, watch out!). In the cactus area, I touched a tree that looked like a plain tree that you usually see in parks. Well, too bad - that tree was spiky! I screaaamed! >.<