Sunday, January 29, 2017

Manhattan Rooftop Bar🍸

I had a blast in the Bahamas! It doesn't mean that my adventure of America ended since I left Nassau. For the Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I volunteered for cleaning a park in Harlem. I was happy to do something good for the environment. It's getting really cold in New York. Once, when I was in NYC, there was a damn heavy snow. I barely felt my fingers! I'm telling you - in February, it will be worse. I need to take a break from NYC for a while because of the bad weather conditions. I will just go there whenever friends call me to the city. Until then, I am waiting 'till Spring is coming... Well, it is nice to have a relaxing weekend at home once and spend more free time in the local area. I currently attend an illustration workshop. As you might know, I am not skilled in art, even though I love art. So that is why I am glad to see improvements by attending that drawing class. ^_^

Manhattan Rooftop Bar🍸 It's the rooftop bar "Bar 54" at the Time Square.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Why the Shark Attacked My Camera

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Swimming with pigs!
One of the main events in the Bahamas is to swim with pigs. I mean, have you ever seen swimming pigs in your life? I had not. That was why I booked the attraction "Swimming with pigs" (link here). I knew about the swimming pigs through a German TV show called "Galileo" where reporters travel around the world to explore spectacular things. The Bahamas is where the swimming pigs are home. It's not known how the pigs got to that island. It is just said that there was a shipwreck and the pigs swam to the island for safety.

The swimming pigs live in an island called Exuma. It took me about 3 hours to get there by the boat. Soon as I got there, I fed the pigs with carrots. The food for the animals is included in the attraction that I booked. I swam with the pigs and pet cutie piglets! It was such an amazing experience. I have something to tick out of my looong bucketlist. :-)

Feeding iguanas
Feeding iguanas and swimming with sharks are included in the program aswell. The boat rode to another island where the iguanas live. I got some grapes to feed the iguanas.

They were very hungry and got near me. Whenever I moved, they started to run away, haha!

I tried to get them very close to me, so I let a wooden pick with the grape resting on my lap. I waited 'till an iguana came to get it. The iguanas were looking at the grape at the end of the wooden pick. They came a bit closer, but then ran away. However, there was apparently a very hungry one, so it climb fast on my lap to get that grape and ran quickly away. Oh my gosh!!! The claws were so long and sharp! They pushed into my skin and I got some scratches which were bleeding. -_- Well, it was worth it.

Swimming with nurse sharks
It was time for lunch. We rode with the boat to Daniel Cay. After my lunch, I went outside and went to the cliff. In the sea, I saw nurse sharks, so I climbed the rocks down. There were instructions of what to be aware of when being with the nurse sharks. These kind of sharks are harmless for the human. Some sharks even swam to me. I took the gut to pet them and they were so gentle. It felt so exciting to feeling their skin! Only my feet were under the water because I had the wounds by the iguanas. The sharks could attack my legs if they smelled my blood.

If you see my "Follow Me Around" video above, you could see at the end, that a shark was attacking my underwater camera while I was filming a stingray. Now here is the story behind it: There were some other people feeding the sharks with fish. Because I let my camera into the water at the same time, the shark that attacked the camera thought that my camera was food! As I was busy filming the stingray, I didn't notice that the shark came closer. He swam from the side and all of a sudden, I felt my camera was hit against something and I heard the loud catching noise of the shark's teeth. That dude really tried to eat my camera!!! I was panicked to get bitten, but thank the Lord, nothing happened. Could be worse. >_<

I didn't know that there was also a gentle stringray among all those sharks. The stingray was very gentle. Its sting tail at the end was cut out a long time ago because stingray tails are deadly dangerous. However, the stingray was strong and still wasn't afraid to get near to us dangerous humans. Instead of being afraid, it wanted to being pet by humans. What is your opinion about that?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Kissing a Dolphin 🐬

For my Nassau trip, I booked the attraction Swimming with the Pigs (link) for 399,99$ and Deep Water Dolphin Swim (link here) for $194.

On a Wednesday, I was waiting at the meeting point for my swimming pig attraction. As I was waiting and the time went past the meeting time, I got worried. Did the boat go without me??? I fearfully went to a policeman. He was nice to give me his phone, so I could call the captain. The captain told me that he was standing at the meeting point right now. I looked around to see somebody on the phone and found him. We introduced ourselves and he explained that the swimming pig program would not happen, as in the island Exuma (where the pigs were), it was a real bad weather that day. That news was sent two days ago, but I did not receive the mail unfortunately. -.- The captain guaranteed that the next day, the pig trip would happen. The only problem was: the next day, I had my dolphin swim! I booked it online and it said that you would not get the money back if you canceled the activity. I was in thought for a moment... then I told the captain that I would be willing to cancel the dolphin swim. "I won't get my money back, but who cares... I could swim with dolphins at other places, but only in the Bahamas, you get the chance to swim with wild pigs", I said.

An idea came to my mind: if it meant that the pig attraction was canceled, I could do the dolphin diving instead. I decided to give it a try. The captain called the Dolphin Cay service and did the calling for me which I really appreciated. Aaaand... it was possible!!! The captain drove me to the Atlantis Hotel where the Dolphin Cay was. That was very kind of him. You see the Bahamian's hospitality?

I was so excited to swim with dolphins! Bucketlist check. ;-)

Enjoy this view, my friends!

 I'm telling you - not from Google!

For my dolphin attraction, I got a bag with a snorkel and a mask in it. I needed them for my diving with the dolphin. I was given a wetsuit and I wore it over my bathing suit. Then the fun started. I was grouped with a family. The dolphin expert introduced us to a dolphin (I forgot the name) and all questions you asked were answered. Firstly, I kissed the dolphin and then hold my cheek for a kiss. Next, I hugged it and fed it with fish. I received a high five (I even insisted for a two-hand-high five :-P). Afterwards, we went for a dive. I touched the dolphin the whole time while it was swimming beside me. ^w^
At the end, I layed my body on a board and straightened my legs. The dolphin swam to me and began to "foot push" me with its beak. It was such an amazing feeling! Even though the beak was hard. :D All that fun took 30 minutes. Pictures were taken by a photographer - and the price? Very expensive. I am glad to show it to you. :)

Any questions or comments? Feel free to let it out.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Celebrating Christmas in the Bahamas

On Christmas Eve, I spent my night in Manhattan. I left the apartment at 3AM to get an Uber to the JFK airport (thanks to my friends who paid the ride for me!). My flight was at 6:30AM. I arrived in Nassau four hours later. I had a lot of time to explore the island...

It was the first time that I spent my Christmas in a hot area. No Christmas trees and no snow. Isn't that something completely new? I made friends with Bahamian citizens. I traveled alone and it was easy for me to make new friends. They took the time to show me around and tell me a lot about the Bahamian culture. What I really admire about them is the carefreeness. They go with the flow all time. This is how I imagined the island lifestyle and it's real. In the Bahamas, you speak English (I love the Bahamian dialect!!!).

In the Bahamas, there is a very small rate of crime. Bahamians are very generous people!

The beaches and the sea: breathtaking!

The houses were very colorful; green, blue, pink, yellow, ... Wow! You feel very happy when you leave the houses there without gloom.

Real Bahamian food. No red cups like the Americans, but blue. :-)

In the evening, there was a parade downtown. It's called "Junkanoo" & a ticket costs 12$. You can either pay with Bahamian dollars or with US dollars. 1 Bahamian dollar is basically 1 USD. The parade started from 8 PM and ended at 10 AM the next morning. There was a lot of time for my Bahamian friends and me to celebrate Christmas. The only Christmas tree I saw was a big one in the city. At 4 AM, we went to the parade and watched it until 6 AM. It was beautiful to see the sun rising.

Any more questions? Leave them in the comments. :)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Vacation in Nassau, Bahamas📍

You are attentive readers of my last post!
I got many messages of you telling me how excited you are to read about my journey in the Bahamas. To have an overview of my vacation, you can check out my newest video above & let me know in the comments what you think of it. I am glad to get back to editing videos again as I used to do it in my teenage years. :)

I am going to write three parts of my Bahamas trip:
3. Why the Shark Attacked My Camera (as you can see in my video)

So many know the video above already. And you lucky ones, who read my blog, are going to get to know the details. ;0) Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year! Another year is coming and I am thankful that we made it until here! This is something to celebrate.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish that you achieve your goals that you set. May love, health, happiness and peace lie in your heart. Remember always to spread love, not only because it's a new year.

On Christmas Eve, I went to Manhattan. I had a look at the Rockefeller Christmas tree (me: "I thought it was bigger" friend: "It's not a good thing to say to a guy") and it was splendid! Also the music that gave you the feeling that you were in a Disney movie. It felt magical!

I headed to the Time Square to throw a wish at the New Year's Eve Wishing Wall. You write your wishes on a confetti. The confettis flutter at midnight in celebration of the new year. Wow, can you believe it? My wish floated among the confettis at the Time Square where one of the world's famous New Year celebration takes place!

I didn't participate at the New Year's celebration in Manhattan, though. But I followed it on TV. I am currently staying with my relatives from New Jersey and I celebrated New Year's Eve with them. I didn't come to write a Christmas posts because... guess what... I spent my Christmas in the BahamasPosts are following. ;O)

How did you celebrate the New Year? Any New Year resolutions?