Saturday, March 10, 2018

Riding Camels In The Sahara, Egypt

The little boy, Jamal and Loanica.

When I arrived at the Bedouine village, I headed to the camel place. I stood there and wondered where I had to wait. Then a boy came up to me with a camel on the leash and greeted with a cute smile, "Ni hao!" I said, "No, I'm not Chinese. I'm Vietnamese. Xin chào." I told him to repeat after me and he pronounced it very well. Then he made a noise that made the camel kneel with all its four legs. I carefully climbed up on the camel. Another noise came out of the boy and the camel began to lift his two legs in the back first and then the ones in the front. We walked around and the boy asked me for my name. He told me his name and that he was only 10 years old. I was impressed of how the boy can handle with camels, but I felt sorry for him because it might be child labour. The boy also told me the name of the camel I rode: its name was Jamal.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Accident in Egypt: I drove into a bush...! 🙍

A great idea of my quad rider.

Europe ✅
Asia ✅
North America ✅
... Africa ✅

I've accomplished to set foot in 4/7 known continents in this life so far and I can't be more thankful. I say "known" continents by the way because there might be unknown continents in this world that haven't been found (yet). Who knows?

I booked an all-expenses trip which included three meals a day. I also enjoyed a massage for two days. Egyptian massage is excellent! The most thing I was excited about was the quad ride in the Sahara desert. I 💗 adventures! I'd never driven a quad before. When I arrived at the quad place, I was so excited and confident to drive a quad 'cause I imagined it would be as easy as driving a car. My mom was scared already, but she pressed on regardless. She sat behind me and when the gas started, the vehicle started to move straight. It kept moving, but it headed more to the right. I tried to steer the wheel, but it was harder than I thought it was. I was so in shock. I was too in shock to remember to press the hand brake. Before I remembered, it was too late. The quad drove into a bush and then it fell down and thus, my mom and I fell from the quad. It was a real painful fall. I was most afraid that something happened to my mom. Her wrist couldn't really move because it was numb and simultaneously in pain. I was a moment of mixed feelings of guilt, anxiety, shame and disappointment in myself. The quad fell on my thighs and I got bad bruises. I also hurt my forearm and wrist. It hurt, but it hurt more that I was responsible for my mom's pain. She was scared already. I tried to prove that the adventure was nothing to be afraid about, but I failed.

The Egyptian quad experts witnessed the accident and helped us up. I was grateful that they didn't panic because what I hate the most is panic during an accident. Panicking increases the panic of the victims.

With the hurt arms, we still decided to keep going on with the adventure. We couldn't drive the quad (and didn't want to anymore, lol), but we got two quad riders who drove us to a bedouin village. When we arrived at the bedouin village, there was a pharmacy luckily. I bought a homemade natural remedy of that village! Natural is always the best. I don't really like chemicals in my body, haha!

The pain of my mom's wrist healed fast with the natural remedy. I got a wound on my wrist, so it took days to be healed. I was just relieved for my mom.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

KFC Sisters reunited!

Aloha, my cutiepies!

Last time, my sister decided to visit us. She is from far away & I am glad to have her here. She misses bubble tea a lot, haha! We love eating chicken (I try not to eat too much meat, though) & my sister dropped by at Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought me some. ^-^
The next day, she was generous and bought me some chicken at KFC again + french fries. That's ma sis! 👌

We had a beautiful day at the Düsseldorf Rhine. It was a cold day, but not cold enough for me for not going out with a dress. I don't do it everyday, but my sister and I just wanted to have a nice going out. :) Feels good to dress nicely again because I currently wear a hoodie with unsuitable baggy sport pants a lot. It's warm and cozy. 😌 Today, I heard from a friend, who works at my old school, that it's a trend for high schoolers now. Is that true? I guess I wear something in trend now, even if I didn't intend to follow a trend. 😀

It got cold in the evening. ^^'


I love Düsseldorf!

I miss my sister. I wish I could meet her more often.

Do you guys have any siblings? Write down your love letter to them here in this blog!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Facebook: Preventing dudes from messaging me

Hey, my beauties & handsomes!

I received a message from a stranger on Facebook who wanted to get to know me. The poor guy didn't know that I'm in a relationship, haha! To prevent any other similar circumstances like that, I finally changed my relationship status after 11 months of being in a relationship. 😂 Crazy, right? You may wonder why I changed it now. It's because it wasn't neccessary for me to have a relationship status on my Facebook profile at all. When I was a single lady, it was weird for me to have 'single' on my profile. It could attract some random message in my inbox. 😆 Then I met my boyfriend and tried to make our relationship private on Facebook. The people that were in my life knew about my relationship anyway.

I noticed it was neccessary to change my status, until I got messaged by that stranger. You could say it was brave (?) that he had the guts to message a stranger like me. However, it's actually easy to message people online just like that. If you get rejected, it might hurt a bit, but you would forget it. 

What do you think? Could you say messaging people online to make moves is brave or not?

I haven't talked about my relationship by the way. It could be an interesting post for you, right? I mentioned my boyfriend in this post. He doesn't like social media. ^^ Shoot me a question if you want to know anything. 😃

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The New Emojis - NOT NECCESSARY! 😒

Hello, dear readers!

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE emojis. I don't know how it is with the Android community, but recently, the iPhone family had a new update. It includes a hella bunch of new emojis and some of them are actually cute and I'd use some of them a lot.

I like the ones with the two stars on the eyes. Also the mother, who holds a baby on her arm, is pretty sweet. :-)


However, I am so annoyed by unneccessary emojis that you wouldn't really use. Most of us haven't even used half of the old ones and probably would never. Therefore, we surely won't use all of the unneccessary new ones. -_- It's just a waste of storage space, to be honest, and that really pisses me off. 

Are you in the Android or iPhone crew?
What are the most unneccessary emojis in your opinion?
or Which ones are your favorites?